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APA Style Guide - Online [URL]

APA Style Guide
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EEO Insight publishes articles on a wide variety of EEO and affirmative action topics. Manuscripts are accepted or rejected by members of the Editorial Board based on the quality of authorship, the timeliness of the topic and the needs of our current editorial calendar.

Authors are not paid for articles; however, authors may retain the original copyright in their name(s) on the title pages of their articles. We retain the right to publish the articles (giving credit to the authors) and we grant permission to use our articles in other publications upon the written consent of the original author.

Article Submission Guidelines:
  • Articles should be 5-12 pages double spaced (not including tables, graphs and references)
  • Articles should be submitted in APA style to the best of the author’s ability
  • Include endnotes wherever necessary and list all citations in a Reference Section as the last page(s)
  • Submit articles electronically as both Microsoft Word and PDF documents to

Basic Review Guidelines:
These are some basic questions that the editorial board and review panel will use as guidelines in each phase of the review process, from an article's initial acceptance through to final publication.
  • Is the article informative?
  • Does the article fit the scope of EEO Insight?
  • Is it an industry specific topic?
  • Is the article objective or a marketing piece for the author?
  • Is the article factually accurate?
  • The field of EEO and Affirmative Action is oftentimes marked by many divergent viewpoints on sensitive issues. We welcome credible articles on either side of such issues; however, we reserve the right to include editorial comments and/or solicit alternative viewpoints from authors when we believe doing so will provide a balanced perspective to the readers.


EEO Insight is a fresh look at Equal Employment Opportunity in the form of a newsletter journal. Each issue will encompass short, current events articles AND a series of more formal academic writings. We welcome your insight on EEO topics - academic and application, events - conferences and presentations, and legal perspectives on labor and employment law.

E-mail: Editor at EEO Insight

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