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George Desloge
ERS Group

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Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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JAG Specialties, LLC

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Peopleclick Research Institute

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Seyfarth Shaw LLP

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California State University, Sacramento

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Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

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PathPoint Consulting Incorporated

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Progress Energy

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Biddle Consulting Group, Inc.

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ERS Group

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CIGNA Corporation

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Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

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Jackson Lewis LLP

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SONY Corporation

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Jackson Lewis LLP

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Paul Hastings Jonofsky & Walker LLP

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The Management Advantage, Inc.

Kristi Williamson
McKesson Corporation

EEO Insight provides a fresh look at EEO. Each issue will encompass short, current events articles as well as a series of more formal academic writings on topics important to practitioners. We welcome unsolicited articles on EEO topics as well as notices of events or conferences. If you would like to be considered as a potential volunteer peer reviewer for articles submitted, to EEO Insight, email us at

Primary Articles/Topics

Legal Briefs – Providing the viewpoint on current court precedence, legal best practices, case studies, and minimizing legal exposure.

General EEO/AA and Diversity – Provides information on implementing AAPs, managing EEO, diversity best practices, veteran and disability topics, and audit information.

EEO/AA Metrics – The latest analytical strategies and practices covering compensation analyses, adverse impact, systemic discrimination and general diversity reporting.

Testing and Validation – Up-to-date practices and strategies for pre-employment screening, promotional testing, performance appraisals, step analysis validation, reduction-in-force (RIF) strategies and application processes.

Recruitment and Outreach – Providing information on electronic applicant tracking/screening systems, veteran/disability initiatives, action-oriented programs, best practices, and compliance.

Secondary Articles/Topics

Hot Topics- OFCCP initiatives/changes/updates, EVE/EPIC award winners, industry updates, newly appointed officials, etc.

Calendar of Events- Local/Regional/National ILG calendar and/or Open Invitations

OFCCP Regional Round Table- A description of what each region has going on.  What they plan to do next quarter?  What are some highlights from past quarters?

Practitioner's Corner- Step-by-Step Best Practices, How-To, Methodology, and Processes developed and implemented by the experts.


EEO Insight is a fresh look at Equal Employment Opportunity in the form of a newsletter journal. Each issue will encompass short, current events articles AND a series of more formal academic writings. We welcome your insight on EEO topics - academic and application, events - conferences and presentations, and legal perspectives on labor and employment law.

E-mail: Editor at EEO Insight

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